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During your winter holidays at the Arlberg

Massages and wellbeing treatments

Enjoy the time that belongs all to yourself.

Massages and wellbeing treatments convey a relaxing sense of life within a short period of time. Gentle hands massage head, neck and shoulders to banish the one or other annoyance and to return lightness and ease to body and mind. During an après ski foot massage minor ailments are massaged away.

We are happy to book your wellbeing time on arrival day at the reception or when booking. Your wellness team is looking forward to pamper you!

Have a look at our wellness offer first.



Classic full-body Massage

... switch off, relax and just let go.
approx. 80min
approx. 50min
€ 119,-
€ 74,-

Partial-body massage

... a special tip for skiers as it prevents aching muscles.
Enjoy this specific massage for arms and legs.
approx. 25min€ 41,-

Back massage

... eases overstrained and tense muscles.
approx. 25min€ 41,-

Intensive back massage

For the benefit of your back! This massage combines the perfect mix of easing massage techinques with the support of warmth. Recommendable in case of deeply rooted and tenacious muscle tension and adherence.
approx. 50min€ 74,-

Head-neck-shoulder massage

Lift a burden from your shoulders.
Stress, hectic, pressure - do you know these feelings? Arrive and let go.
approx. 25min€ 41,-

Aromatic oil massage

The classic massage is offered with warm, aromatic oils of your choice.
approx. 50min
approx. 25min
€ 74,-
€ 41,-

Sports massage

Strong massage for your muscles
approx. 50min
approx. 25min
€ 74,-
€ 41,-

Honey massage

Soft massage with honey
approx. 50min

€ 76,-

Vital-combi package

This combined back massage and foot reflexology has a regenerative and revitalising effect on the body.
ca. 50min€ 74,-

Ear candle treatment

A traditional Indian relaxation ceremony. Cleanses the ears and improves the blood circulation. The whole ear, nose and throat area gets clearer.
ca. 25min€ 41,-

Lymph drainage

Gentle massage to stimulate the lymphatic system. As a result, more lymph fluid and waste products are transported from the tissues.
ca. 50min
ca. 25min
€ 74,-
€ 41,-

Facial lymphatic drainage

Has a purging effect and lifts the skin. Eases tensions in the face.
ca. 25min€ 41,-

Special for children

Gentle relaxation massage for children up to 14 years.
approx. 15min€ 23,-

For the beauty

Behandlungen Price

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting

€ 34,-

Eyebrow tinting

€ 17,-

Eyelash tinting

€ 19,-

Eyebrow tweezing

€ 12,-

Day & Evening Make-up

€ 27,-

Vital, healthy feet


Spoiling pedicure

After the foot bath with massage and pleasant bath additive your toenails are pampered and the horny skin is removed. Afterwards you enjoy a caring foot massage.
approx. 45min€ 56,-

Bases foot bath

Your feet are treated with a stroking massage with a brush according to P. Jentschura. It has a purging effect and balances the acid-base balance.
approx. 20min€ 34,-

Foot reflexology massage

A zone therapy to stimulate the natural functions of the body.
approx. 25min€ 41,-

TCM Foot reflexology massage

Our feet are an atlas of our organs. According to the traditional Chinese medicine self-healing powers are activitated through targeted impulses at the feet.
approx. 50min€ 74,-

Après ski foot massage

The muscles get in touch. Thanks to stroking and taping the muscles at the feet and legs are eased. Blood circulation is activated and energy blockages are removed.
approx. 50min€ 74,-



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