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Your hosts at the Hotel Walserberg

Your comfort and wellbeing have been the focus point for us for 50 years now

In 1982 the newlyweds Irene und Thomas arrived in Warth in 1982 – with Martin, Caroline and Simon. And this is exactly how we wanted to live: as a family, working together and with an objective vision.

We gathered all our strength, our knowledge and our skills and turned rooms with running water into comfort rooms. We wanted to run a four star Hotel in which guests would have the feeling that they were totally at home – just as parents do to make sure we have everything we need.

Host and master baker Thomas brought his winning „Emperor’s breakfast“ from Warth with him: He managed to convince the jury of his own creation in a competition for apprentices in Vienna in 1975. Here in the Walserberg he has now refined and enriched his emperor’s breakfast over the years. And 50 years after our grandfather Vinzenz founded the Walserberg with his fresh bread symbol – the symbol still remains, representing guest hospitality, pleasure and a thriving team working together.

A very warm welcome to our large family.
It’s lovely to have you here with us!

Irene and Thomas
with Martin, Caroline and Simon